MVS Metals

MVS Metals is a one-stop shop for all of your fabrication needs. We use state-of-the-art tube laser and waterjet cutting machines to cut any shape in a variety of materials. Our waterjet table is one of the largest in the country, and with four heads, is unique in the Midwest.

At MVS Metals, we truly believe in putting the customer first and delivering quality manufactured products. With our large plate inventory, featuring grades from A36 to 130k in thickness up to 6 inches, we can cut, bend, machine and weld to meet all your specifications.

Tube Laser

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

MVS Metals provides our customers with the most precise, abrasive waterjet cutting available, capable of handling all materials including common and specialized materials. Our environmentally-safe cutting method employs a highly-pressurized stream of water mixed with abrasive particles, and results in very accurate cutting with no adverse effects on the material being cut, so you get an excellent edge finish.

The Slagger Cutting Table

We have patented our unique Slagger cutting table, now sold through Messer Cutting Systems. This table allows the slag produced from oxy-fuel and plasma cutting to move from the table bottom to a collection pan or pit at the end of the table for eventual disposal. In addition, the Slagger is an excellent dust removal device, pushing dust from the table into a side duct with zones that open at the cutting machine location.

Slagger features:

  • Table is cleaned once a day in five minutes.
  • Small parts can be retrieved easily.
  • The dust collector keeps the operating environment clean.
  • Table does not have to be disassembled to remove slag.


MVS Metals

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